Leilani Restaurant

We’ve been creating delicious food for over 35 years

Leilani Restaurant & Ashanti Lounge Bar manifested itself from a belief in a dream, in 2002. The name Leilani was an inspiration from my first born daughter who was born in year 1999, the same year Manchester United won the treble, just for those football fans out there. It was there that the restaurant began its remarkable journey. In 2013 that dream became a reality, when a venue was sourced in South West London for this enterprise.

There Leilani Restaurant has become an entity within itself, serving fine African and Caribbean dishes alongside British classics. The original idea of the restaurant was to serve fine food in the up most comfortable space almost imitating a home. As a chef I like to serve restaurant quality food cooked to taste homemade and personally, I always found it most comfortable when eating in an establishment that has character and differentiating elements that create an easy and relaxed atmosphere.

In 2016 this is exactly what has been created without any fancy promotional materials and excessive marketing, instead Leilani restaurant has become exactly what that dream intended to be, “through simple word of mouth”. Every guests that walks through the door